Post Launch Retrospective

AR Bell
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What a night. 243 upvotes. 70+ comments. I can thank you enough for showing me support! Here are some of our thoughts: Cons - @ProductHunt didn't feature us - No Sleep Pros - We got our 1st paid subscriber - 20+ people used the platform yesterday Verdict: Huge success Thank you again everyone! Now back to supporting your launches/products - share them in the comments! If you're not launching, share some feedback/tips for people launching soon!


Sjoerd Handgraaf
Congrats @ar_bell : any PH launcher's worst nightmare. Love your perspective though, and 1st subscriber a massively important milestone!
Michael Gammon
Wow, well done AR!
Tanja Kropf
One is a start! Many more to come. Congrats.
Congratz! What would you have done differently, if anything? How much traffic did PH generate pre-, during, and post-launch?
Denis Banda
That's both good and sad. Our case is also similar we launched today and somebody spammed as per product hunt. Even though they removed those votes our product is still not at the top despite having more upvotes.
Flora Diep
@denis_airslate Oh, eventually, has your product been displayed on the Home Page?
Dan Thomson
Congrats! What else do you think you could have done?
Flora Diep
My case is similar. When izTalk launches, PH didn't feature us. I immediately contacted PH's support team and reported the situation. Eventually, my product was featured here Even with a rocky start, we ranked #11th for the day