Our #1 tip for anyone just starting out, on PH!

Tim Cherkasov
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I’ll go first. The community is everything. Don’t be afraid to reach out, everyone is in the same boat as you.


Robert Mao
thanks for sharing! I am wondering if the community are all product builders ?
Gigi Damyanova
@mave99a I don't think so - based on what I've seen on PH, there are a lot of people here to discover new tools.
Robert Mao
@gigi_dam indeed, our product Aistro just launched, and I see many comments... they are actually try and use our product!
Gigi Damyanova
@mave99a Just checked it out! Cool use of AI - I've shared it with a friend that is really into astrology.
Brian Bennett
Ensure you engage genuinely with the community, providing value, seeking feedback and creating meaningful relationships, as this will accelerate your learning curve and enhance your visibility, paving the way for success on Product Hunt!
Rahul Luthra
Do bad products face backlash or bad feedback? I'm about to launch a few products over the next few weeks and it concerns me that my product isn't as fancy as all the new AIs in the market and might be quite underwhelming. Is it worth launching anyway to test the waters?
Mojiboye Emmanuel Oluwole
@rahul_luthra launch and find out. See what the market thinks and not only what you think
Gigi Damyanova
@rahul_luthra @dynasty Agree! I think PH is quite a nice and generous community - haven't come across any mean feedback tbh.
John Lim
@rahul_luthra I have the same concern, but suggest to just do it, since we need feedback from the community.
Louis Cirignano
@rahul_luthra I wouldn’t worry about that, the PH community is generally extremely supportive. Just because your product may not be on trend right now doesn’t mean it’s not a great one!😊
Rahul Luthra
Thanks for all the support @fam_socialfinance @dynasty @gigi_dam @john_lim_my definitely feel more confident launching my products! 😊
AbdulHafeez Sadon
Good call, I'll add #2 Use animated PFP like the one used by Clustr team members. Cheers!
Gigi Damyanova
@hafeezcae It's really cool, isn't it? I immediately remembered the name of the logo after seeing it 2-3 times.
AbdulHafeez Sadon
@gigi_dam definitely, it's tried and tested Method in Psychology 101. Anyone or anything that stands out, will make the biggest impact i.e. easy to remember.
Marilena Nikou
thanks for sharing! I completely agree with you!
Abhinav Kimothi
Great Tip @timcha Thanks for sharing. I've been with the community for a few months now. Most of the top products that I see have reached out to me to check the products. Reaching out is definitely encouraged in the community. We're all one! :)
Karthik Tatikonda
Yeah, exactly!! Everyone needs other support, don't hesitate to reach out.
Irina Ivashchinenko
I totally agree, community is key.
sri misra
Engage with people and projects with the intent of learning new things. There are tons of products that all the founders can learn from. And another tip is to never miss out of the discussion. They are always valuable.
Oleg Eltsov
More like! Full tank.
Oleg Eltsov
Be an active community member.
Etiene Dalcol
Do you have a concrete example of a nice way to reach out?
Rehan Saleem
Great tip i completely agree with you! thanks for sharing.
Gary Sztajnman
Read the discussions. A lot of super interesting tips there
To be honest, I didn't believe in this platform and this dogma at the very beginning. But to my personal surprise, this is a real thumb rule. Moreover, it works:)
Dan Sullivan
Being brand new to PH, this is great. Thanks!
For sure, I love the PH Community for being very supportive!
Martin Baun
Be kind and give back to the ProductHunt community, and you'll reap the rewards it has to offer. Working both ways is the key to success. 🤗
Artur Romanov
Engaging in conversations with the community is key. It makes personalities behind the team visible and allows you to collect valuable feedback.
João Nina Matos
Appreciate this tip! I'm new myself, so this helps. Product hunt seems like a relatively small but tight community– do others have the same impression or is it just me?