Optimizing SaaS Onboarding: What would be most helpful for YOU?

Joanna Kurylo
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My friend and I are hosting a free workshop for optimizing SaaS onboarding next week! We're organizing the workshop into three sections: 🎯 Launching the right onboarding model 🎯 Identifying your 'aha' moment 🎯 Increasing trial to paid conversion Is there a specific question/topic you think might be the most helpful that we address??


Hmmm. For me, it would be helpful to learn practical insights. How many steps should my onboarding process be? Should I be asking users to convert to paying customers during onboarding? After?
Joanna Kurylo
@patricia_the_founder I like this idea! It's useful to get practical next steps on how to implement strategies. Thank you!
Efrem Epstein
What are the biggest mistakes that SaaS companies make in their onboarding process and how can one avoid them?
Joanna Kurylo
@e_l_g_e Yes! Would it be useful to visually showcase the mistakes and show actual examples?
Fabian Maume
Copywriting for onboarding emails and tutorial is for me one of the most challenging things.