My favorite AI Tools that could be a great time saver for me

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1.ChatGPT 👆For marketing 3.Agentstore 👆If I want to talk to my favorite anime characters and get some power over them 👆For noting 5.Vocut 👆For rough cut 6.Midjourney 👆For social media image


Check out LogicBalls AI for content writing purpose such as personalized content, social media, blogs, SEO, email writing and many more. It will solve all your content writing issues and boost your marketing campaigns. I am sure once you will check it, you will include LogicBalls AI in your list. check it out at -
Igor Lysenko
How do you feel about programs with AI and will the AI ​​perform the desired task?
@ixord I decide to work in AIGC industry directly in my future career path. How every when it comes to perform of AI, I think it depends.
Ronit For video translation, we go live on october 4th :)
Irina Haupt for Product Managers - also yesterday's #2 Product of the day!
Deniz Hadzhaoglu
Hey @sylvia_sheng ! I would like you to take a look at our product( I think it can help with note taking and task management. Also, we have a launch on product hunt next week;
Žiga Kerec
Hopefully you'll add ProductAI for ecommerce product photos on that list soon :D
Yemi Oyepeju
Dear God, I see what you've done for others 👀. Make Sylvia include us in her list someday. 🙏🏽
Tanya Pereira
Thanks for this list @sylvia_sheng !! Yet to check some of these tools out...guess I have my weekend to do ready for me :P
Great list of AI tools! I like Rewind and Glean.
Neelam Goswami
You would also love Narrato ( )! I’m using it to plan, write and even publish content on my blog and social media. It has tons of AI tools and templates. Also has an SEO brief generation feature that comes in super handy for content optimization! Recently an AI Content Genie has been introduced on the platform which generates blog and social media content automatically from our website. I’m trying it out and it looks promising for sure. Of course, I may be a little biased as I am also a copywriter for Narrato :) but I literally live half of my days on the dashboard and I love how much time and effort it saves me. I migrated from the usual Google Docs, and tens of other tools. Now I'm literally using just this one for managing all my content creation projects!
@neelam_goswami1 SEO brief?Cool to hear that!How about the performance of the SEO content?
Neelam Goswami
@sylvia_sheng the content we've been creating on Narrato using the SEO recommendations are actually performing quite well. We have quite a few articles ranking on page 1 and in Featured Snippets too!
@neelam_goswami1 Wow I see. What about the performance compared with human write SEO articles?Have u tried that before?
Neelam Goswami
@sylvia_sheng it’s the same if not better, honestly. We’re anyway striking good balance between manual research/writing and AI generated suggestions. We can add our target keywords obtained from Google Keyword Planner etc. to the AI SEO brief, if they’re not already there. The AI Content Assistant and SEO brief help highlight certain aspects we may have missed at times - like questions to answer or content structuring and readability. So it actually helps improve the performance in most cases.
Neelam Goswami
@sylvia_sheng sure! Let me know if you need any help with it! Also, Narrato’s AI Content Genie is launching on PH soon. Please do support if you can 😊 Here’s the page for more info: