Link to the website or to GitHub? Which is better?

Hello PH World! I see that some products put a link in the "Visit" button to their website, while others use link to their GitHub repository. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? We were preparing a landing page specifically for the launch on Product Hunt, but perhaps GitHub is a better idea as it might give more views and chances to hit GitHub trends? Thank you for your advice, and I would be very grateful for any comments and support for our open source product Vuestic Admin =)


Product may provide links to their GitHub page if they are open source, or their main purpose is the codebase, such as design systems or UI libraries. For your product specially, you might want to provide a link to your landing page if you have one, or GitHub will do just fine.
André J
Launching soon!
Github trends is a powerful secondary traffic engine for sure!
Anastasiia Zvenigorodskaia
@sentry_co do you know how they calculate this rating? We jumped to trends of the week or day several times but I still can’t understand why 😅
Fabian Maume
I think it depends on your target audience. If you focus on developers, LinkedIn to GitHub makes sense. However, pay attention to that the "Visit" button is a do-follow link. Product hunt has 91 domain rank, so if you plan to work on SEO it better to link to your website.
Avital Trifsik
I believe it depends on your goal, if yu want more stars and downloads I would point to GH and make sure a link to our website is in a higher position at the GH repo but if this is not your main goal and you are aiming for more promotional/enterprise goals go with linking to your website.