Launching tomorrow: What should I not forget?

Sjoerd Handgraaf
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Been preparing for this for quite a while now! I think I've done everything all the different guides tell you to do. - supported many other launches - got all the assets ready (video, slides, texts & first comment) - created several text expander replies for most common questions - scheduled many posts for social - got a decent amount of followers on the Launching Soon page - have reached out already to many people in my network - cleared out the schedule for tomorrow What am I missing? Please tell me!


Joha Salinas
Hi @sjoerdhandgraaf πŸŽ‰! Congratulations and good vibes! πŸš€ Consider hosting a live Q&A session on platforms like Zoom, YouTube, or another preferred platform. This allows potential users to interact with you in real-time and ask questions about your product. What do you think? 😊
Rich Watson
Join launch support groups on telegram, whatsapp, facebook, linkedin, and reddit- post when it goes live. Don't be afraid to DM or comment on other posts after you supported their launch to ask for support. Here's a spreadsheet of 100+ emails of makers supporting each others launches, this used to be shared quite a bit some time ago. If you use it, make sure to add your own email. I'm following your product so will upvote when it goes live. If you would kindly do the same, thanks.
Sjoerd Handgraaf
@richw OMG thanks Rich! I'll definitely look into that sheet. And I was already following NVSTly, actually! Looks really good!
Michael Gammon
To enjoy yourself! Good luck we have launched today please support us Sjoerd :
Michael Gammon
Thanks Sjoerd, we don't mind spreadsheets (that much) - but not for growing multi-dimensional business models πŸ˜€
Alex Rodukov
Congratulations! 😊
Sophia Williams
Sjoerd, it sounds like you've got a solid plan in place! Just make sure to have a contingency plan for technical hiccups and be ready to engage actively with your audience throughout the day to maintain momentum.
congrats I will support you !
Simon Rosner
Congratulations and good vibes! πŸš€
Emily Hunkler
Congratulations! It looks like you've got your bases covered πŸ™Œ We're also launching this week so this post was helpful for me :) Would love your support as well!
Pranjal Mishra
Keeping calm!! All the best Sjoerd !!
Chiara Schwarz-Weichhart
Don't forget the post-launch plan! Have a strategy for user feedback and updates in place.
Sjoerd Handgraaf
@chiara_sw 100%! Fantastic point! We do have that actually, although I didn't mention that. But yeah, very easy to forget!
Selina Danny
Conduct thorough testing to ensure that your product or service functions as intended.
Denis Banda
Good Luck, we have launched today "Document Automation Hub by airSlate (Every API you need to automate document workflows)" do check us out and share your feedback.
Congratulations, good luck, and best of success!
Ashley from Shadow
How did you get so many followers on the launching soon page?! Would love to learn :)
Alexander Galitsky
Don’t forget to lunch
Alvaro Villalba Perez
Don't forget to drop a reminder to the people you reached out previously!
Sophia Williams
Sjoerd, it sounds like you're well-prepared, but don't forget to have a plan for real-time engagement with your audience during the launchβ€”it's key to keep the momentum going. Also, ensure you have a system in place to track metrics in real-time so you can adapt your strategies as needed throughout the day. Good luck!
Be prepared to monitor your launch for any issues or unexpected developments. Have a plan for addressing problems quickly and efficiently, and communicate any updates to your audience.