Launching a product in 4 months. What should I do now to prepare?

Cyrille Pastour
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John McTavish
You probably want to be growing your network of folks in 2 groups: those who are in your target customer group & those who are interested in building products / launching on PH. Sometimes these overlap, but often they're distinct. Obviously, more reach among your target market = more paying customers if you market well. For more tips, we created this short guide after launching Momentum Page to product of the day/week last spring: Hope it helps and have fun preparing!
Start building a community on linkedin, X, PH etc And also content creation
Jamie L
Hey Cyrille, it looks like your message didn't come through completely. Is there something specific you wanted to discuss or ask about on Product Hunt?
Vincent Xu
Cyrille, start building your audience now through social media and content marketing to create buzz, and make sure to gather as much feedback as possible from beta testers to refine your product. Also, plan your launch strategy meticulously, including press releases, launch day activities, and post-launch support.
Russ Halilov
Engage with community. More posts like this one. Comment other projects and support the founders. Sharing is caring. Founders will remember it and support you when you need help.
Mihajlo Kovacevic
build hype by creating memes 🐸
Fabian Maume
With 4 months' headtime you can try to get some hunters to boost your launch. can be a good place to look for one. For a more detailed action plan you can check out my launch template:
Alex AI
Create a true fans around your personality!