Is it dangerous to use AI while programming?

Caroline Schmidt
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As a developer, I sometimes use AI when I'm stuck, and I must confess that I use it on a very regular basis when it comes to writing comments on code (as a non-native English speaker, I use it mostly for syntax and grammar). But sometimes, I wonder what could happen when all my input gets leaked. What do you think? Is my data safe, or could it be that eventually, someone will use it to steal parts of my code?


Siri Nana
No, it's not inherently dangerous to use AI while programming. However, like any tool, its effectiveness and safety depend on how it's implemented and utilized.
Constantine Stan.
I personally think it will make a lot of devs inherently lazy when it comes to development. Of course I use it as well but for things like generating interfaces based on my data types and small stuff that can save me time. I actively try not to use it when it comes to coming up with full solutions! Another reason is because it hallucinates quite a lot if you use libraries and frameworks!
Caroline Schmidt
@constantine_stan That's a very good point. For implementing logic and functionality, I also try to avoid that. I think as programmers, each of us has their own style, and I don't want to give that up. But when I come across an issue caused by the framework I use, I sometimes find it helpful to use AI for inspiration on how I could solve the problem - I don't copy-paste because, as you said, it is pretty error-prone and makes mistakes. For things like Javadoc comments, especially when it comes to wording, I find it pretty helpful. For complex methods, I usually write the comments on my own and run them through AI to avoid misspellings or syntax errors.
Myles Huel
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Alex Hassi
Using AI tools in programming can be convenient and efficient, particularly for tasks like writing comments or generating code. However, there are concerns regarding data privacy and security. When inputting code or comments into AI tools, there's a risk that the data could be stored and accessed by the company providing the service, potentially leading to data breaches or unauthorized access. Additionally, there's a concern about the misuse of intellectual property if code or comments are stored and accessed by others. To mitigate these risks, developers should choose reputable providers with strong privacy policies, anonymize sensitive data, and stay informed about the security measures of the tools they use. This caution applies to developers working with technologies like .NET 7 VS .NET 8, ensuring that data security remains a priority across all aspects of their development workflow. While there are risks, being aware of them and taking appropriate precautions can help developers safely leverage AI tools in conjunction with their preferred programming frameworks.