I will be launching my product soon! Any tips to get that #1 position?

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Would love to hear your suggestions on how to get a good product launch


Hadia Khawar
First of all Best of luck!!! one advice stay motivated.
Deep K
All the best for your launch🚀
Reach out to individuals for upvotes! (you got mine)
Nithin Jawahar
First of all, congrats on the launch! Here are some tips to make your launch perform well: 1) Create a coming soon teaser page and start promoting it atleast a week before the launch 2) Make sure you message your early adopters and social media friends that you're launching on product hunt and ask their support 3) If you're launching for the first time and want to increase the chances of ranking #1, launch on a low competitive day like saturday or sunday. If you would like to learn more about this, I interview founders whose products ranked top #3 on product hunt and share all their launch strategies in my newsletter. You can check it here and use it to prepare for your launch: https://thebigbanglaunch.substac...
Steven Tey
Wrote a step-by-step playbook based on our recent launch – hope it helps!