I see a lot of amazing promo videos of products here! Drop your favorite video editor below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Vanessa Franz
17 replies
I'm already using Screen Studio and Loom. I need more cool tools!


John McTavish
Been using Clipchamp with good results, gonna try out DaVinci Resolve though see if I can up my game
Namrata Arya
We have an in house designer who creates magic with after effects
Drew "Sales Playbook Builder" Williams
@namrata_arya are they hired in house, or did you find them on UpWork?
Adith Mathialagan
We don't have an inhouse designer for marketing yet! Loom and Canva have been out goto tools.
Michael Foster
I'm on a quest to find the ultimate video editor – what's your all-time favorite tool for creating those jaw-dropping promo videos?
Mahnoor Ahmed
Try Sony Vegas Pro. It offers a user-friendly interface, advanced editing tools, and powerful effects for creating impressive promo videos.
Charlotte Chiang
I'm using DaVinci Resolve - it's probably even more advanced than we need right now, but it has all of the needed tools and the software is free!
Heleana Grace
Not to be biased but... our amazing editors. πŸ₯³
Kaviyakavi Baskaran
Hey! Not sure if you've found one yet. However, my team has developed an AI video editor that helps you edit product videos in a snap. It's releasing super soon. Would you like to try it, Vanessa?