I'm Eli 👋 creator of Booomerang 🧡 the online rental marketplace for outdoor gear 🏕️ AMA

Elias Fares
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Hello there! I'm Eli, the co-founder and creator of Booomerang.io, the go-to platform for renting sports and outdoor gear. We started Booomerang because we were tired of dealing with limited storage space and the wastefulness of buying equipment we only used once or twice a year. I have worked in the tech startup space for the past 7 years, designing and launching brand new products or improving existing ones. Last year I teamed up with 3 friends to build our MVP. We've recently launched a major update to provide an even better rental experience. This month, we'll be launching Booomerang on Product Hunt for the first time. You can be notified about our launch by clicking on this link: https://www.producthunt.com/prod.... Today, I'm here to answer any questions you may have about developing and launching a marketplace, the sharing economy, startup life, or anything else really. Let's chat!


Lori Mitchell
Hi Eli, I'm thrilled to see the creation of Booomerang! Could you share more about the steps you've taken to ensure the safety and quality of the gear rented through your platform, and how you manage conflicts or issues that arise between renters and lenders?
Elias Fares
@lorimitch81 Thanks for your excitement about Booomerang! Safety and quality of the gear rented through our platform is definitely important. Some steps we've taken to ensure it are verifying our users (both renters and lenders), having a community-driven ratings and reviews system and having clear guidelines and policies. Our goal is to prioritize having a safe and trustworthy rental community for everyone.
Royce Wong
Launching soon!
Nice one mate. Love the concept.
Hi Eli! Your story with Booomerang.io is truly inspiring. The idea of creating a platform to rent sports and outdoor gear tackles both the issue of limited storage and the wastefulness of rarely used equipment—a problem many of us can relate to. As a rental company in San Diego California, it's fantastic to see how you’re leveraging your tech startup experience to innovate in this space. Teaming up with friends to build your MVP and launching a major update recently shows impressive dedication and progress. I'm excited to see how Booomerang.io continues to enhance the rental experience for everyone. Keep up the great work!