I have no product to sell, how can I help you grow yours?

Magic Mike Paine
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So, funny story…I initially was introduced to Product Hunt to build up my profile so that when the company I worked for (18 plus years loyal)launched our product, I wouldn’t be a fresh fish out of water. As of 2 weeks ago, I was let go due to budget cuts. The company still hasn’t launched the product. Right now I fell in love with this community and am embark in on my second 100 day streak. Put me to work. You need me to test something, review your marketing message, or just want to bullshit about strategy, I’m your guy.


Kas Szatylowicz
oh wow! sorry to hear that, Mike! But also I'm sure there are better things waiting!
Magic Mike Paine
@hey_its_kas absolutely. Actually life is already better. Much bigger projects on the horizon. That’s why I wanted to spread the good faith I’ve been receiving.
Adith Mathialagan
Love the attitude Mike! Brighter days are ahead
Julien Zmiro
Sorry to hear that Mike! It's super nice of you to stay engaged in the community. It's rare to find people who genuinely want to help. Let me know if there's anything I can do on my side.
Salman Ahmed
Hey @mpaine Wish you good luck. If you are into the LinkedIn game then I can discuss the product that I have been building. That will be a great help. Do you find it difficult to write content for your Linkedin?
Magic Mike Paine
@_salman catch me up on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike.... I don’t post that much on LinkedIn, but will am going to start dedicating some time everyday to put some content out. Generally I love writing content, getting started it always the bigger issue. I like to use chatGPT to help me think of ideas, then I roll with the idea and start writing. As long as you’re writing about what you know and your personal experiences, generally it’s not hard to create content.
Salman Ahmed
Thanks @mpaine you can be the ideal person I should talk to. Really appreciate your time. Sent you an invite on LI. Looking forward to connect with you there.