I failed my first Product Hunt launch. Here's what I learned from this experience.

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In September 2023, I had my first launching experience in ProductHunt. It is an AI video editing tool.To avoid advertising, I won't say the name. I would like to share why it is fail even it met the goal we were looking for at that time. Why I even changed my job considering this experience, and some insights about launching Product Hunt. I hope this article can help you if you are the first time hunter to let you know what’s the right thing to do! Why I launched? To won early users to give us feedback, and help us to help us work together by giving some feedback to make our products better. About the result? I won over 250 users to sign up and use our product by myself. To clarify, I won them by launching our product and promote our ProduntHunt launch page and engaging with the community all by myself. How I failed? I launched on September with 52 followers, I forgot about the position. There are five of us on the project team. I am the only one who engage with the community, do marketing at social media, in another words who cares about these launch. What is the situation? I worked at an editing software company that does global business for 10 years, AIGC related product is their new project teams. Our project team is led by VP. They used to have a global business but did better in developing markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America.However, because of the arithmetic cost of AI products and the cost of models is relatively high, so we choose to do the European and American markets. I studied in England for two years. And I have 3 years of experience in overseas projects and 2 years of entrepreneurial experience in the UK. In other words, I know the European and American markets better than he does. But when I told him to look at ProductHunt launch to make his own account on it to interact with the community before launch he just listened and didn't move. After launch, I am the one who contacts angel users to help give us some feedback one by one. After all, he's the VP and he was in charge of other products before making ours, so I asked him to contact previous users to try it out and give us feedbacks on ProductHunt.He promised and he didn't deliver the message. Actually the company I worked for is not small, it have like over 300 employees. However, they are get used to the old way they earn money by running Google ads make users purchase of membership. They have a path dependency on the original way of commercialization. So they did not think highly of ProductHunt when they doing the brand new AI project. My insights: 1.ProductHunt launch is a teamwork thing. But in my last team it looks like I am the only one who cares. 2.Making sure that all the makers in your team are sign up and engage as much as they can with the community. That is the key. 3.Connect early users to give feedback. Start running social media early, contact former users to give comments, cuz one comment equals 3 upvotes! 4.Choosing a specific launch day, I saw other hunter wrote in their insights that you can seen the You can look at the total number of products in the AI category for the day to determine the competition and then determine whether to LAUNCH! That is what I learned from my first launch experience. Hope it can help you during your first launch!


I am about to launch the product of my new team in December. It will be great to connect, my LinkedIn is https://www.linkedin.com/in/jiex...
@sylvia_sheng we connected already on LinkedIn, Sylvia. Do keep us updated when you post your pre-launch page :)
Novie Rose Rianna Dizon
I am so amazed Sylvia. Thank you so much for this! I've read it from start to finish!
@novie_dizon lol!Thanks for the praise of my post!I feel so glad if it can really help others.Feel free to connect in LinkedIn!
William Mills
Thank you so much amazing salvia for giving me this information.
Hariz Maloy
Thanks for being so honest and open about your experience Sylvia. There's no failures, just opportunities to learn and I'm sure your next launch in December would show all those lessons learnt come to play and I bet you'll have a great launch then.
Jabari Zuri
Thanks dear I read this all And I understand all thank you so much again
Tanya Jain
Could you talk more about pt 4? how do you get that information?
@tanya_jain4 Hey I watched a lot of successful launched product hunters' sharing, some of them said that.
Carol Moh
Thanks for the insights @sylvia_sheng having the team engaged makes a huge difference from what I have seen! We are gearing up to launch early next year, so this was a really helpful read! Good luck with December's launch - hope it is a successful one!
@carolmoh Hey Carol, thank you for your kindness. May I ask if you used AI chatbot before? lol If so may I invite you to try out our new product.
Carol Moh
@sylvia_sheng happy to try out your product! Do you have a link I can use?
@carolmoh Yes,here is the link, feel free to talk to me if you need anything or any feedbacks. I'd appreciate it.https://www.haijoy.com/
Paul Hyeunkyu Kim
This helps a lot. Thank you for sharing your learnings.
Shane Yan
Wow, thanks for sharing! This is incredibly valuable! I'm curious about point four: how do you actually go about checking out products launched on the same day? I'm gearing up for my first-ever launch of Codebay just an hour later. Regardless of how it turns out, I'm planning to follow your lead and share my own takeaways from this experience. Your insights mean a lot to me!
Shane Yan
@sylvia_sheng Thank you for your response. I've seen similar statements before, but I'm not sure how to go about it.
Shane Yan
@kate_ramakaieva Thanks for the answer, there are some very mature products launched at the same time as me today and they are way ahead right now, but I guess that's not a bad thing even though they are very strong competitors, it makes me more motivated!
Xavier JJ
Thanks for taking the time to write your experience. It is incredibly valuable :)
jinhyeok son
We are launching a product soon too and this will really help us a lot.Great read from start to finish.Thank you!
@jinhyeok_son lol thank you so much, I am glad it helps. It's very rare to be able to read from the beginning to the end, and it looks like my writing skills maintained from when I was in the UK as a student.
Daniel Burns
Thank you for your findings, this is truly helpful! Good luck with your next launch 🚀
You're absolutely correct, the success of the community relies on the active participation of every team member, as it is a collaborative effort. I appreciate your valuable insights, Sylvia and I wish you a prosperous launch next time! :) we're launching soon and your support will really mean the world to us - https://www.producthunt.com/prod...
@viona_sequeira Thank you for your encourage Viona, I will do my best this time!May I invite you to test before launch and give us some feedback?
zuhaib ashfaq
It is vital to have like-minded people on your team. Thanks @sylvia_sheng for your insights. Points noted!
Tornike Tsiramua
Thanks for sharing this story. The team is crucial to success. Don't give up, push it! We are here to support!
Ashleigh McCabe
Thanks for these insights Sylvia, they are very useful. We are launching next week for the first time so fingers crossed it goes well for us!
Thank you very much, Sylvia, for sharing your valuable experience. My first launch on Product Hunt also failed. I think I didn't fully grasp the platform's launch rules. I released my product on Product Hunt only at noon and didn't establish a strong connection with the community. I have summarized my experience as follows: 1. Determine a good time to launch 2. Be active in the producthunt community with your team, I've been active for 18 days now. 3. Join producthunt discussion groups, such as linkedin and discord.
Daryna Berezhna
Thanks for sharing! Actually, our first launch also a bit failed, as we've launched a cold emailing course, and it was removed from the competition (cause you can't launch courses on PH). We've learned from it, and now are getting ready to launch our email deliverability solution at the end of November. To be honest, I'm a bit nervous, but we'll see how it goes. 😌
Aswath Subramanian
Thanks for the elaborate description! Some great insights! And I feel that you have learnt alot in the process which is the ultimate win!
Bhargav Dhameliya
DhiBot is now LIVE on Product Hunt! :smiley_cat: and I would be incredibly grateful for your team's support on this launch! Do upvote https://www.producthunt.com/post...