How to take notes effectively while reading a book?

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We read new books and after a few days, we forget everything about it. Taking notes while reading can solve this problem. It also involves actively engaging with the material. This is how you can do it:

Before you start reading:

Determine what you want to gain from the book. Are you looking for specific information, broader understanding, or personal reflection? Knowing your purpose will help your note-taking.

While you're reading:

Don't try to capture everything. Focus on key points, arguments, main ideas, and insightful quotes. Engage with the text by asking yourself questions, and making connections to your own knowledge.

Choose your method:

If you're reading a physical book, underline or highlight key points, make marginal notes for quick reference. Use a notebook or dedicated note-taking system to write down ideas, summaries, or questions that come to your mind during reading. You can also use Notion templates designed for this purpose. I am launching a Notion Book Tracker Template this Wednesday. Give it a follow if you want to get notified and support me on the launch day.

After each chapter or section:

Summarize: Briefly write down the main points in your own words. This helps your understanding and identifies areas needing further clarification. Reflect:Consider the implications of what you read. How does it relate to your existing knowledge? How can you implement it in your life?

After finishing the book:

Review your notes: You can write down your notes from different sections together to create a full book summary. Reflect further: Go beyond the book's content. How can you apply the information or ideas to your own life or work? Note: If you read books and struggle with keeping track of the books and notes, this Notion Book Tracker Template will be perfect for you. You can set reading goals, keep track of progress, add summaries and quotes. Give it a follow and I'll see you at the launch on Wednesday. Thank you.


Ashna khan
Helpfull. These days I am coloring my entire book with highlighters, I guess I get to excited while reading books.
Dan O'Malley
Great tips! I'm the same way. I absolutely need to actively read to retain information. I'll check out the Notion Book Tracker Template. Thanks!
Bob WIlsey
Read actively, highlight key points, use marginal notes, summarize each chapter, organize notes by topic, and review regularly. Consider digital tools like Evernote or OneNote for efficient note-taking and retrieval.