How RoboResponseAI got 900+ upvotes on their launch day

Karthik Tatikonda
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This week we interviewed @johnsy (Co-founder of ), who launched RoboResponseAI on Product Hunt and got 900+ upvotes. How did their launch go? šŸ†™ 900+ Upvotes šŸ„ˆ #2 Product of the Day šŸ‘„ 600+ Website visitors What's in the interview? 1. How did they choose @rohanrecommends as their hunter and how he helped them 2. What is their reach-out strategy and 3. The launch plan that helped them get 900+ upvotes. Read the full article here šŸ‘‡


Kas Szatylowicz
Wow, nice results!!! I wonder how it translated into $$ or leads :)