How important are comments at your Launch?

Julia Engelsmann
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Nitin Joshi
that is most important. these people reach out to people for upvote but that upvote doesn't mean user liked your product thats why upvote. A user up-voting and commenting give feedback mean user show their interest on your product that is genuine. I think we should focus on this more otherwise it become a game of upvotes.
Abdal Yousef
Hallo julia, I believe comments are extremely important during a launch, alongside upvotes. A launch with fewer upvotes but more comments, especially from influential PH users, can sometimes achieve a better position than one with more upvotes but fewer comments. Comments contribute to engagement, credibility, and visibility, making them a crucial element for a successful launch. @julia_engelsmann
Business Marketing with Nika
Quantity looks good but we all know that when there are many makers – there will be many comments made by them to "create" engagement. But genuine comments providing suggestions/feedback are the most important. :)
Kate Ramakaieva
I personally know the cases when potental investors checked the comments to see the engagement and interest of the audience.