How can you convert design to code?

Olena Bomko
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How can you convert design to code? PixelFree Studio says you can. They launched today. "Whether you design in PixelFree Studio or Figma, you're just one click away from auto-generating your front end!" Let's support them :) @max_peter @empowered @caros @philippgeppert @chiara_sw and the team, congratulation!


Serhii Yelbaiev
Sounds interesting I will def check it, thanks
Chiara Schwarz-Weichhart
Thank you, Olena 👍🏻
Great share, thank you @olenabomko
Max Peter
Thank you so much Olena! :)
Bob WIlsey
To convert design to code, use specialized software like Figma or Adobe XD to create a design. Then, manually code or use tools like Zeplin or Avocode for efficient conversion.
Lacy McDowell
Looks interesting. I am looking for something similar to HCTI-HTML/CSS as a backup
Ryan Kara
Awesome!! I’ll check it out!!
Kristi Tanellari
another option would be chatGPT 4. It's paid bylut I hear good things about its capabilities
Sadath N
great one, i tried yesterday one tool for my waiting list. it worked well. Let me try this also