How can AI be used in networking? (Except message generation)

Luka Vasic
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We've all seen thousands of AI generators helping people message better, but is there something more AI can do to help us network better? IMO, we still aren't utilizing AI's capabilities in the best way possible to reach new people. 👇 My team launched LeadDelta 3.0 with AI networking capabilities, allowing you to tap into connections beyond your immediate network. Check out what AI is capable of and support our launch:


George Aleesu
Impressive! worth exploring! Congrats guys :)
It would be cool if AI helped you connect with the right people on social media. Is that what LeadDelta 3.0 does?
Shajedul Karim
it's about digging deeper into your network, finding folks you didn't even think to connect with. Leadelta 3.0 sounds like it's on that track. curious, how's everyone else using AI to up their networking?
Alexandr Builov
Fantastic job, Luka! It's indeed high time we leverage AI to maximize networking possibilities. The concept of AI-curated connections intrigues me. LeadDelta 3.0 seems like a game-changer. Curious, though - how does the AI discern potential connections? Keep up the innovative work!
There are so many opportunities to use artificial intelligence.
Vincent Xu
Wow, LeadDelta 3.0 sounds like a game-changer for networking! I'm definitely interested in checking it out and seeing what AI can do to expand my connections. Congrats on the launch! As for your upcoming product launch, I'd suggest doing thorough market research and getting feedback from potential users before releasing it. Best of luck!