Have you changed the Twitter logo to X on your website, signature, bio...

Luka Vasic
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It's almost a week since the logo change. Are you up with the times or do you still hold on to the old Twitter logo? Personally, I can't get myself to do it, the old logo was so iconic. I guess in a month people will start changing the Twitter logo everywhere they have it websites, bios, email signatures, in-app...


Larry Murphy
I've updated the Twitter logo to 'X' in my website signature and bio to stay current and reflect the platform's latest branding update, while simultaneously maintaining a consistent, modern aesthetic across my digital presence.
Gordana Laskovic
Not yet :D I still can't get used to it
Irina Ivashchinenko
We don't want our customers to think that we have an Xvideos account.
Luka Vasic
@iren_ivashchinenko yeaa this one wasn't thought through, or maybe it was just Elon trolling the whole world again
Not yet, I'm still not sure what the next Elon's move
Pooja Jyothy-Seshadri
I find the logo change so silly - it doesn't reflect the brand well at all. What will tweets be called now, X's? 😂 I'm not going to update to X on our company's website.
Luka Vasic
@pooja_0712 Exactly what I was thinking. Tweeting has been engrained in our language for some time almost like Googling something you don't know.
Peter M
Probably a matter of time before it changes again. I heard of a brand that just spent $20,000 on new packaging the day before it changed to X!