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Alireza Shirdel
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While we are developing Selldone, hundreds of feedback are coming each day about the storefront design. John says my client needs 3 ecommerce store with different looks, but the current product pages are the same. After a while we realized that we cannot add customization features again and again. This not only barrels of fuels, but also distracts us. On the other hand, we didn't want to miss our advocate freelancers due to a customization request. Finally we decided to launch our SDK+Component for representing a new generation of open-source platforms. Imagin freelancers and developers take care of Frontend and we work on Backend features. This project allows even beginner developers to build whatever they want, ranging from login and checkout page to dropshipping and marketplace flow. In other words it opens many doors to ecommerce freelancers to earn at least 10X more compared to using Shopify and Woocommerce. If you need more information of our detailed plan for this game changer project, simple read the article below. looking forward to your priceless feedback Alireza, cofounder of Selldone #1 Product of the Day


Alireza Shirdel
what are your ideas folks? Do you think that earning more money incentives them to fully migrate to selldone? or we can select better option to attract them?
You're right! Freelancers love tools that help them be more efficient and productive. Beep can help freelancers save time on communication and collaboration, and it can also help them deliver better work to their clients.