Fake upvotes!

Neel Patel
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LOL. I started getting requests from people who sell fake upvotes to promote your product. I tell you what, your love and feedback on the product usage is much much much more important then ranking here. So don't expect me to even think of anything stupid like that!


Elen Udovichenko
Yes, better to steer clear from those! Quality engagement is what you need :)
Kate Ramakaieva
@elen_u hi Elen! could you please check your Feacebook, need to reach you as my Lin is having a rest 🙈
Tasbin Tasfia
Launching soon!
Launching soon!
Same with us now
Elen Udovichenko
Also, you can notice on some previous product launch charts who are using those to boost their results - PH will bulk delete those resulting in a sudden drop in # of upvotes ;)
Elen Udovichenko
@neelptl2602 I know! It's also surprising that they do see those fake upvotes (because they remove them), but don't penalize the products for using such methods!
Jao Japitana
This is so sad to hear. I know that it is a challenge to get what we aim for here but the interaction and the friendship you build is way more important and of course quality followers and upvotes. What will fake upvotes really do for you. What a shame