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Luka Vasic
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How do you get eBooks to the top of PH? Is there even a place for them on PH or do you think PH should be reserved for apps only?


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Interested in seeing answers here!
Gordana Laskovic
Ebooks occupy a valuable place in Product Hunt, especially in the educational aspect where businesses can share their knowledge, tips and tricks, as well as case studies. These eBooks help others grow their businesses and spread their knowledge. Some e-books focus on business strategies and entrepreneurship, providing insight and guidance for individuals looking to start or grow their ventures. Others deal with self-improvement and personal development, offering advice on productivity, leadership, and motivation. In addition, there are e-books dedicated to specific areas such as marketing, finance, technology, and more, which provide in-depth knowledge and expertise. :) That's why Product Hunt is the right place to find and launch them.
Swapratim Roy
This is a great thread I was looking for quite some time
I think a product is anything that someone can use that gives them value. I think things like ebooks and newsletters very much fit that definition.
André J
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A digital product is transformative. It can create exponential value, think notion 1.0. Books are more linear. Some resonate for a long time. But essentially they dont become billion/trillions dollar companies.
Luka Vasic
@sentry_co That's an interesting viewpoint, but I'd say there are many digital product types. I wouldn't say that a core trait of a good digital product is its ability to grow; some are meant to be static. But I agree that SaaS, APPs, or any type of software products are always doing better on PH because of that potential for them to grow.