Does a product tour truly increase your conversion rate?

Khul Anwar
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Oisin O'Reilly
Yes, a well-executed product tour can increase conversion rates by providing users with a better understanding of the product's value and features.
Khul Anwar
@oisin_o_reilly did you have make a/b test with or without product tour how many the conversion rate ?
Product tours can boost conversion rates by clarifying a product's value, engaging users, reducing confusion, and highlighting its unique features. However, the success of a product tour depends on relevance and quality; poorly executed tours can backfire.
Khul Anwar
@azura_bennett did you have a/b test experience before and after put product tour to onboarding how many conversion rate increase ?
It can of done correctly. By correctly meaning you should how easy it is to get from problem (A) to solution (B) in as little time as possible
Khul Anwar
@slimmy82 i considering add product tour for my next launch since our first launch user leave the apps before they try our feature
@khulanwar yeah, I would make sure to test the platform with real users and use something like Hotjar to track their movements