Do you use Reddit in your marketing? Any tips?

Alexey Anshakov
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Kas Szatylowicz
I've used Reddit ads and they worked pretty well! But ofc for very technical audience :) It's nice for retargeting .
Tyler Scott
Reddit is very hard to market in. You need to already be established in most of the forums. Moderators do a pretty good job of weeding out posts that are just there to promote things.
Shajedul Karim
reddit for marketing? tread lightly. it's a place of communities, not billboards. first tip: be a member before being a marketer. offer value. listen. engage. tip two: don't just drop links. context matters. why should they click? tip three: test waters with ads maybe? but realize that, redditors are ad-savvy. each sub has its tone, rules. study them. your pitch in r/startups ≠ r/gaming. always ask: am i adding value to this community? if unsure, don't post spamming? quick way to get banned. don't be that person. ever. if they upvote you, you're golden. but it's no guarantee. reddit is fickle. and, it's a long game. one post won't skyrocket you to fame. patience. lastly, reddit's about authentic conversations. so be real, or be gone.
We launched paid ads campaigns several times, received some traffic and almost zero conversions.
Alexey Anshakov
@arina_kayea Yes, I've heard that there, you need to conduct covert advertising through active engagement. Direct advertising doesn't work well. ⚡ by aisma.wr.​io