Do you use I see it just in YouTube ads

Jose Rodríguez
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Nitin Joshi
I also watched their ads many time but i never used it. I used onyl clickup and assana.
Jao Japitana
Yes I just started and still learning. Seems to be ok
Casper Brix
@jao_japitana Interesting! What made you change/start with them?
Business Marketing with Nika
We are probably the target audience. 😅 BUT I have never used it.
Ramit Koul
I tried to use it coming from JIRA and Asana, but to be honest, I didn't like it. It always feels sluggish to me and for some reason, counter productive as well.
Zoya Shah is a versatile project management tool with a strong presence in online advertising, often seen in YouTube ads. Its intuitive interface and customizable features make it popular among teams for organizing tasks, tracking progress, and collaborating efficiently. With features like customizable workflows, timelines, and task dependencies, it caters to diverse project needs across industries. While I haven't personally used it, its frequent appearance in ads suggests its popularity and effectiveness in streamlining workflows. Perhaps they could offer printed tote bags as part of their marketing strategy, extending their brand visibility beyond digital channels.
Cevina Perez
I see ads all the time too!
Gurkaran Singh
Oh, - the YouTube ad superstar! I've dabbled with it a bit, think of it as a digital task manager on steroids. Ready to dive into the hype train with me?
Emily Willis
I use Monday. I've also used Asana, & the old Microsoft Gantt software, back in the day. I like Monday's visualised production tools.