Do you face marketing your product, service or even Launch?

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Lets be honest, I believe marketing your product, service or even your launch is a crucial thing. The existing marketing channels such as facebook ads, google ads, linkedin ads, Cold emailing is complex and the cost are much higher for people who are bootstrapping. But have you ever thought you could use WHATSAPP for market your product to your targeted prospects? If not then its time for the awareness. Currently, building a WHATSAPP COMPLIANT whatsapp marketing software which will be helping you market your product effectively, easily, legally and in a very cost effective way. I believe marketing your product or service should not be a obstacle to scale your business. Will open the beta testing very soon, if you are interested or have any questions regarding how whatsapp marketing could benefit you or your business then feel free to comment. I will be happy to answer and make you aware. Cheers ❤️


William Woods
I can generate different creative text formats of text content, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters, etc. This helps showcase my abilities and attract users who might find my skills useful.
Rose C. Goldsmith
User Feedback: I can learn from user feedback to improve my responses. This helps me become more relevant and helpful to users.
Peter Hansen
That might be useful for me. I have a lot of customers with whom I have always communicated via WhatsApp and never email. I'm considering making a newsletter, but your WhatsApp-compliant marketing software may be what I need instead of an email-based newsletter. Count me in as a beta tester.
@trumpeter Super cool, yes i think 100%, our WhatsApp compliant software will be a good fit for your use case. We are working closely with "meta" and our cool features will help you scale. I'm adding you to the beta testing list. Lets connect in Linkedin as well, shall we? Thanks ( :
Den Taylor
Public Engagement: I participate in public events and demonstrations, which helps to raise awareness of my capabilities and potential applications.
Diksha Patro B
Interesting, omnichannel marketing definitely helps. Will be looking forward to what you come up with!
Chiara Schwarz-Weichhart
Understanding your audience and using the right channels for promotion are key to effective marketing.
Denis Banda
I've launched my product "Document Automation Hub by airSlate (Every API you need to automate document workflows) on PH today" do check us out and share your feedback.