Did you register a company for your startup?

Jose Rodríguez
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Nitin Joshi
not yet. hope will soon
not really need MVP MVP MVP then... others
Peter Hansen
Don't register a company before you have something you're 100% sure you can sell. It's easy to spend a lot of money and get no return. Once you're sure, by all means, register your company, but keep it lean.
Konrad S.
Yes! Skyica LLC, will be my company for life. You?
Tom Bruining
We registered as soon as we'd brought in the first sale. It felt super scrappy trying to make an invoice that looked legitimate, but was fine in the end.
Jagriti Kumar
My close friend recently registered a company and he said the registration process sucks the fun out of running a business. It's not even a initial capital problem its more about how slow the entire process is. But now after 3 months of running around, he is very happy about it and says it felt a new learning curve in life.
Daniel Zaitzow
Of course - but I think if you've got any old corp - that will do until you're ready to structure.