Best platforms for promoting developer tools?

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Hi everyone! We're a team that just launched a new developer tool. We're looking for advice on the best communities or platforms to promote our product and attract more users. What platforms have worked well for you?Here are a few we're considering: GitHub/Stack Overflow/Reddit/Twitter/Hacker News We'd love to hear your experiences and any tips you have!


Tom Bruining
Hey LLLeroy, I'm close friends with the Head of Marketing for a popular dev tool. They've found their best results have come from content marketing that's been shared on HN. Specifically use-case driven articles that explain how their tool can be incorporated into projects using a particular language/tech architecture. They're Commercial Open Source, so GitHub stars have been important for them in terms of building brand trust and an active Issues community with plenty of engagement from their solution architects/engineers has also been helpful. Not so much from Stack Overflow, Reddit or Twitter. Hope this helps - appreciate MarsCode is not so much in the same bucket being an IDE.
@tom_bruining Indeed, as an IDE, it's challenging for us to find suitable user stories to teach our users how to use it. However, thank you very much, Tom. Your suggestions have given me a lot of inspiration. We will still strive in this direction.
flo merian
@llleroy hey LLLeroy, i've spent the last few years working in developer tools (Specify, Clerk), experimenting with what works and what doesn't. what worked great *from my experience*
  • - launching on Product Hunt;
  • - submitting blog posts on Hacker News;
  • - cross-posting on;
  • - contributing on GitHub;
  • - engaging on Twitter;
you may find more inspiration in these related discussions, too: fwiw i recently open-sourced a list of great places to discover dev-first products, including podcasts, newsletters, and communities... hope it helps!