(AMA) Collato is ranking #2 today. Ask me any questions you want to know to prepare your next launch

Huy Doan
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Hi everyone, as we are launching today for the 2nd time (#2 now) and last time, we got Product of the Day. Drop your question below 👇 I hope that I could answer and clarify as many questions as I can about how we can prepare for the launch, get audiences following your journey, and grow after the launch.


Irina Haupt
Ready for some questions here! 🎉
Olena Bomko
Relja Denic
Congrats! What channels did you use to promote? How much in advance did you prepare? What do you see as the biggest mistake before and during the launch for now :D?
Huy Doan
@relja_denic hey we mostly use LinkedIn to promote as our target group is B2B. We usually spend 2 weeks on the prep including get people following our journey, prepare where launch materials, .... The video costs a lot of time. I think our biggest mistake before is that we think there will be no noticeable launch on the weekend but it's not the case. So always need to keep our eyes open until the end of the week/day.
Gaurav Gaur
Congratulations! We just followed you at #Number6 today :) Do share tips as you review https://www.producthunt.com/post...