Alternative to Notion?

Shreya Gupta
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Haralds Gabrāns Zukovs
Google Sheets? :D Airtable
Elena Tairova
Anytype - They also double on privacy and security
Michal Balšianka
My favorite app is Obsidian. It has huge community around it (It means also a lot of community plugins are available). So you can customize everything as you need/like :)
Pradeepa Somasundaram
Here's why Document360 is the best alternative to Notion. Focused on Knowledge Management: Document360: Designed specifically for knowledge management, Document360 offers robust features tailored to organizing, sharing, and maintaining documentation effectively. Notion: While versatile, Notion serves multiple purposes beyond documentation, which can lead to a less streamlined experience for managing knowledge. Advanced Analytics for Documentation: Document360: Provides comprehensive analytics, including link analytics and feedback analytics, to help you identify dead links, track user engagement, and prioritize updates. Notion: Lacks advanced analytics specifically geared towards documentation, making it more challenging to assess document relevance and user interaction. Structured Collaboration and Workflow Management: Document360: Offers collaborative editing, granular access control, and workflow management features, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient content creation processes. Notion: While collaborative, Notion's features may not be as structured or tailored for team workflows, potentially leading to inefficiencies in larger teams. Private Hosting and Data Control: Document360: Provides the option for private hosting, allowing you to host your knowledge base on your internal servers for enhanced data security and control. Notion: Operates primarily as a cloud-based service, limiting control over data privacy and hosting options, which may be a concern for organizations with strict data governance requirements.