A product launch ranking higher than it's supposed to?

Luka Vasic
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Today's launch shows two products battling it out for #1 "Design Studio VS impaction.ai". The weird thing about these launches is that impaction.ai has 50+ more upvotes than Design Studios, but they are behind on the leaderboard. What could be happening? The first thought was botting, but doesn't seem like it. Any ideas, as this could impact any of our launches?


Milica Begović
From what I’ve read, it could be that Product Hunt values each upvote differently. Case in point, if you’ve made an account recently and weren’t as active or you haven’t used your account in a while, your upvote won’t have the same value as of a person that’s been using PH for a while, is engaged and has a steadier streak.
Maksym Astakhov
Maybe there is a small time gap between votes & ranking? But I think that newly created accounts have less vote weight < 1.0
André J
Launching soon!
Users with lots of kitty points weigh higher. So that PH can't be gamed as easily. To get lots of kitty points you have to be a maker or engage with the community in a meaningful way.
Every product hunt account didn't have the same weight. And also the comments and upvotes. So it's common that more upvotes don't get the higher rank