7 most effective SEO tips you must know for 2024

Faiza Jamil
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1: Avoid using Google Instant Indexing API for non-job postings content. It may get your pages deindexed quickly. 2: Be careful with AI content generation. It may produce low-quality or irrelevant content. 3: Don't buy backlinks from Fiverr without verifying the quality and relevance of the sources. 4: Use Google search operators to find free .EDU backlinks. Check out my thread for more tips. 5: Don't limit yourself to 10 pages/day. You can post more if you have quality content. But don't spam with 1000 pages/day. 6: Don't worry too much about duplicate content. Google can handle some level of duplication. But make sure to add some original content and avoid long duplicate sections. 7: Take advantage of Google's lag in Tier 2 and Tier 3 languages. You can rank better with less effort in languages like Estonian. But don't expect it to last long in English


Daisy Watson
Create high quality content
Arun Vivek
Useful information.
Bob WIlsey
Regularly updating and refreshing content signals
Lokesh Joshi
High-quality content and user experience is must
Dzmitry Tsemirau
Thanks for the tips. I would also add one: quality over quantity.