10 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For a Startup in 2022

Sveta Bay
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1. Create a Welcome Email Sequence 2. Add Parity Pricing 3. Start Doing Product Demo 4. Pitch Media with Your Product 5. Promote Your Product on Indie Hackers 6. Leverage Affiliate Marketing 7. Launch on Product Hunt 8. Craft a Marketing Freebie 9. Get Testimonials From Opinion Leaders 10. Update the Pricing Page Find Step-by-step guides to nail these ideas in MakerBox blog 😊 https://blog.makerbox.club/10-lo...


Sveta Bay
Did you try anything from this list?
Julia Zakharova
Mega! Thank you! Gone to read 🏃🏼‍♀️
MD Amirul Islam
Yeah, Best point I think
Sven Radavics
When thinking of partnerships, don't limit it to just affiliate partners.
Thanks, looks great! What about link building? It's also an effective low-budget approach for getting referral traffic and generating leads.
Scott Chen
When it comes to making their own shopping decisions, people continue to place a high value on word-of-mouth referrals from others. In light of this, you can maximise the marketing potential of a single recommendation. If you haven't already, think about implementing a referral programme where existing customers are rewarded for bringing in new ones. A referral programme doesn't have to be expensive but may significantly benefit your business. For instance, you can think about only providing a minor service discount for each new client.
Joanna Kurylo
I would also add Twitter!
Grace Bulman
Thank you for these ideas, Sveta!
Olya Zabalkanska
Use email signatures with targeted banners as additional free demand generation tool
Moore Ben
I have searched the website for comfort or efficiency to complete this process and I think this is the most suitable run 3 on the site to do it effectively.
Pasit Viwatkurkul
I did everything from this and also the best way is to start going out onsite/in-person like setting up a booth at a university or any public area to get users to start seeing the brand LIVE. It is also good feedback to test your product if it really works in a real-world environment.
Daniel Baum
A random, creative hack I've read about: send very small Venmo's to people to get on their radar. Has anyone ever tried this?
Vitaliy K
Of course, you need to launch the product on Product Hunt, but you still need to find those who would first test your product, and I really like this list.
Gerard Montagut
I would also add TikTok. If you are building a consumer product it is a must.
Leo J Barnett
Brilliant list and article Sveta Thank you!