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March 21st, 2024
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Shoutouts are a new way to acknowledge the tools and teams that helped bring your product to life.
One of my favorite things about writing the Product Hunt Daily Digest is researching and telling the story behind some of the coolest products being built.
That often comes down to the Who, What, Why, When, and sometimes, the How. The Who and What is pretty straightforward, but one that goes missing often is the How. In particular, how the build the product was built.
In today's interconnected world, no product stands alone. Unicorns and startups alike depend on different tools and services to keep things moving smoothly.
That's why we're excited to launch Shoutouts — A way to acknowledge the tools and teams that helped bring your product to life.
Whether it's a design tool like Figma, a groundbreaking AI like GPT-4, a marketing platform like Beehiiv, or even the coffee machine fueling your late nights, Shoutouts lets you express gratitude towards those who played a role in your product's development.
How do you make a shoutout? Next time you go to launch a product, you’ll be met with the same UI flow that you know and love, with one addition.
After selecting yourself as a maker, you’ll be presented with a new section called “Shoutouts.” There you can select products to shout out to with a note explaining why. You only get three shoutouts per product launch, so make sure you’re spreading love to the ones who had the most impact on your journey.
Once you're happy with your shoutouts, you can then schedule and launch your post. From there, we will let the companies you shouted out know.
Shoutouts are available now. It's a great way to show appreciation and connect with the community.
Don't forget you can also receive shoutouts for your products. Check your Product Hub to see the appreciation shared by fellow makers. Need to claim your hub? No problem, check out our help article to find out how.
Comments (11)
Fajar Siddiq
Looks great to use
Jorge Soto
Looks great. Will definitely use.
Nikola Balic
It would be helpful to understand what exactly occurs when we give a shoutout to a product. Does the owner receive a notification or an email, or both? Additionally, what other benefits will our product receive when we do a shout-out besides being potentially featured on someone else's page some time in the future?
Sherron Mira
By publicly recognizing their efforts, word hurdle you not only show gratitude but also foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration. Shoutouts can be given through various channels, such as team meetings, internal communications, social media platforms, or dedicated recognition programs.
Scop Singreas
Great addition to Product Hunt! Shoutouts are a great way to thank the tools and people who make a project successful. It's like giving producers recognition and encouraging thankfulness and camaraderie. I'm excited to witness the geometry dash shoutouts and honor the unsung heroes!