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3 Reviews
Alana Steinberg
Co-founder of Jade, the dating non-app
1 review
Before Truffle, I was manually tracking my restaurants on Google My Maps on desktop... which was challenging to update and to share socially. I love that Truffle is on mobile and has all of the My Maps aspects and functionality that I love (like different lists) while being mobile and social first. I prefer Truffle to Beli because it doesn't make me rank my restaurants relative to each other... why should I have to compare a bagel spot to a steakhouse? I like to just know what I visited, notes on what I thought, and be able to browse and see what my friends are doing. I'd love to see features that reward me for my usage, akin to Snapchat streaks or becoming the mayor of something on Foursquare!

Aditi Verma
Product Lead
1 review
Love this app!!!! It's a feature-packed packed with many fascinating tools to help track restaurants automatically. I'm really amazed by how ingenious some of these ideas are, like automated restaurant tracking. Really excited to see where this app goes.

Have been using truffle for New York food spots. Best part is reading other people's notes about what dishes they liked and knowing what to order. Excited for it to pick up in other cities as well so I always have trusted notes for new restaurants