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The community submitted 51 reviews to tell us what they like about Transistor, what Transistor can do better, and more.
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51 Reviews
Arielle Nissenblatt
1 review
This is SO clean-looking. And so easy to start.
Eldon Yoder
Web Developer & Designer
2 reviews favorite way to host podcasts...
Etienne Garbugli
Builder. Researcher. Optimizer.
7 reviews
Smooth. Took 5 mins to create my site.
Joseph Jude
Developer @olaiapp
1 review
I have been using Transistor for Gravitas WINS Radio since the launch. This year, added one more podcast too. Launching a podcast is easy; your episodes gets distributed to all the podcast directories automatically; You can host multiple podcasts too. I pay no additional cost for it.
Peter Suhm
Founder of Reform
8 reviews
Literally one click! Well done 👌
David Wippel
2 reviews
I love podcasting and Transistor made the setup and distribution so easy. Transcript (for SEO) was always a major struggle for me. Especially as my podcasts are in German (Austria). AI transcript was something i was waiting for!
Chris Fidao™
Founder CloudCasts, Chipper CI
4 reviews
Transistor is hands-down the best podcast hosting! You can host multiple podcasts easily, and get great help/support getting your podcast syndicated on all the major platforms (apple, spotify, etc). Creating unlimited podcasts is great, you only really pay extra if your podcast is a hit (which seems really fair!) Highly recommended!
Naya Moss
Naya Moss
Creative Technologist
38 reviews
Love it! I used it for my old podcast and for former clients. Very easy to use for podcasters, editors, and podcast managers of all levels. The best platform to quickly launch and run your podcast!
Michael Koper
Founder Nusii
8 reviews
I've been using Transistor for one month now, and I'm impressed. By far the best podcast hosting out there! Super easy to use and has excellent customer support. It made launching my first podcast a lot easier!
Patryk Pijanowski

Operations at Codejet

94 reviews
I used this tool for several videos on my tool. I highly recommend it.