The best alternatives to SparkLayer are Shopify, Elliot, and Swell. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to SparkLayer
  • Join the best of over 800,000 Shopify merchants selling online, in-store, and everywhere in between. For assistance, reach out to @ShopifySupport
  • Elliot is the only commerce platform where merchants from all 200+ countries can sell, ship, and get paid out.
  • Swell is the most powerful headless ecommerce platform for modern brands, startups, and agencies. Create fast and flexible shopping experiences with our future-proof API and headless storefront themes.
  • B.E.P. or Backendless Ecommerce Platform turns any website into a shop with just 1-line of code, no backend or CMS required. Plus, it's free, minus standard processing fees (2.9% + $0.30, per transaction).
  • Zyla is the fastest end-to-end headless commerce stack that blends cutting-edge content management and commerce tools that can accept payments and ship worldwide instantly once deployed to Vercel.
  • Sell more through live video shopping! StageMe makes live eCommerce easy. Create live events to sell your products on your website and on all social platforms. Performance-based pricing is available.
  • Magento is the complete eCommerce solution for businesses that are ready to take full advantage of their online channel. This solution combines an unrivaled feature set with world-class support and virtually infinite flexibility, at a fraction of the price charged by competitive platforms.
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers need not depend on B2C eCommerce solutions for their B2B needs anymore. Now, they can build a true B2B eCommerce business with Growmax, no matter what the size of their business is.
  • Sell anything, anywhere online