The best alternatives to Social NFTs are Human IPO, BitClout, and Show my NFT on Twitter. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Social NFTs
  • Human IPO is a marketplace for investing in people. Discover the most promising individuals you believe in. Buy, sell and exchange human equity backed by future time.
  • Bitclout is a social network built on a blockchain where all users have a creator's coin and where everyone can buy and sell those coins using bitclout crypto-currency
  • Here, we display our Crypto Art on Twitter. Every day, your profile picture is updated randomly based on your NFT collection. Connect with Twitter, sync your openSea wallet and choose your favorites NFTs. We do the rest.
  • NFT Schedule is the best source for seeing all the best upcoming NFT drops! Have you ever missed an NFT drop because you didn't know it was coming out? Well not anymore! You can get NFT schedule on our site, Chrome extension, newsletter, Twitter and Telegram.
  • Rally is an open network that enables creators to launch vibrant and independent economies with their communities powered by the ethereum blockchain.
  • Showtime is a social network for crypto art #NFT: - Discover trending art from Zora, Foundation, Superrare, NiftyGateway, Opensea & more - Explore, like, comment & share crypto art - Sign in with wallet or email to curate your profile and show off your art!
  • instamint is the first platform to allow creators and instagram users to create NFTs of their posts. You can now create and share NFTs of your favorite instagrams!
  • NFT on Me - quickly get all the NFTs connected to an address! Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the crypto world, and browse a curated selection of NFT platforms.
  • Water your plant NFT to maturity on Solana with other gardeners. If your plant doesn't reach maturity it will die. Join a web3 garden where commitment is recognized, where patience is rewarded, and where everyone thrives when they root for each other.
  • Nifty Gateway makes a fully functional fiat wallet that makes it insanely easy for people to use your NFT project.
  • - Buy & sell #NFT s - Create your own collection - Low fee - Fixed price and offering method - Fully on #IPFS - supporting many file formats - Low transaction fee thanks to #BSC - Multiple token supported - Verified creators - Governance
  • GitGallery allows you to mint your code into an NFT which can be sold on OpenSea Currently in beta on the Rinkerby Network
  • While BitClout now have a delay in update of creator coin prices on your wallet page this extension can help. Use it on your wallet page to update the page data.
  • We are dedicated to give meals to the child arround the world, empowering the NFT, and sharing the hope that comes through Crypto Communities.
  • OpenSea is the world's first and largest NFT marketplace