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The community submitted 305 reviews to tell us what they like about Slite, what Slite can do better, and more.
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305 Reviews
Congrats on the Slite relaunch, it's awesome to see your dedication to the "single source of truth" concept! With AI assistant Ask onboard, how do you envision Slite helping teams streamline their knowledge loop even further in the coming updates?

Alex Bass
Alex Bass

Founder & Head of Product at Efficient App

7 reviews
With no shortage of note taking tools on the market, this feels like the only one that was actually built for remote and asynchronous work. The feature set is all about simplicity and relaying important information to team members. Even the search (Ask) functionality summarizes all of the information across numerous documents into one concise answer, referencing every relevant document for you. Slite is actually about getting work done and doing collaborative work seamlessly.

Sébastien Robaszkiewicz (= Figma for motion design)
5 reviews
This is so dope team! With this update, you definitely solved one of the biggest pain points in knowledge bases: that's truly some amazing work, and I can't wait to see what you ship next!!

Matt Roskovec

Product at Pitch

3 reviews
This looks great! So exciting to see a company in doc/productivity space to understand it’s PMF and stick to where it can shine. 👏 The doc status is awesome and is one of the places where Notion falls short. The notification to hint what docs are out-of-date is really clever. Well done! 🥳

Pierre Le Poulain
Growth @Pleo.
4 reviews
WOW!!! Super impressed by this new version of Slite. Love the new website, love the message, love the product..should I keep going? :D Well done to the team!!!!

Scott Markovits
CEO @ Spontaneousli
1 review
Have been a user of Slite for a while and am super excited with the latest update. Especially how to manage documentation overload and irrelevant/outdated docs. This is going to be game-changing!

Keerian Flammang
1 review
Love it so far. Team is in awe on how useful this is for onboarding and creating new shared knowledge for the entire team. It's like sharing one brain! Highly recommend. One suggestion tho: maybe add new features like hide a piece of text information from within a document behind a custom password, add clickable buttons to do several different types of options (like copy a pre-written piece of text/word, generate a prefilled table, etc...). And also update/improve the smart table which aren't so smart after all, just very colorful.
Christophe Pasquier
Super useful feedback, thanks a ton for sharing Keerian!

Benjamin Faucheux

Product Designer at Crew

3 reviews
A real Notion alternative. Plus, the team delivers fast! 👌
Elisa Reggiardo
Well that's quite some feedback there, Benjamin! It means a lot 🙏

Philipp Shay

Founder & Leadership

50 reviews
That's a wonderful idea and an excellent way to utilize AI in corporations. How do you plan to get into large businesses? Your product is clearly intended for big companies, and you can generate 80% of your revenue from them.

Alex Wiley

Product at OneUp

1 review
Slite is honestly one of the best knowledgebases I've come across, but with this new update, it's become so so so much more! The Slite team have managed to strike gold with the perfect implementation of AI into a knowledge base. AI should not be used for content generation in a KB. It should be used to save people time and help make them 10x more productive, that's exactly what Slite does with this new update. Mega job team, you fuc**ng rock 🤜 (Side note: we've just been able to replace a tool because of Ask Slite! We used to collect our user research in a tool for analysis, with Ask, we document it all in Slite and Ask Slite to summarise insights. AMAZING)