The best alternatives to Self-Quarantine Book Club are Morning Brew, Bookself, and Tertulia. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Self-Quarantine Book Club
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  • Discover, collect and discuss your favourite books. Follow friends, like-minded people, experts and authors. Share your thoughts: comment or join live chat channels to discuss with other readers. Read and listen to free audiobooks and ebooks.

  • Tertulia serves up book talk from across social media, podcasts & the Web. If a book has moved someone enough to get them talking, you can find it, buy it & share it on Tertulia. All readers are invited to become our co-owners by joining the Tertulia Co-op.

  • Product Makers is a Slack group to help grow your network. You can share your ideas, ask for feedbacks, explore new informations and communicate with other entrepreneurs who can help you to grow.

  • Books At Work sends 20 minute non-fiction book summaries to all the employees in your company via email each week. Your employees who don't get time to read books can make use of these summaries to develop themselves. Hopefully, a company that uses will become smarter each day.

  • More is an iOS app for creating virtual, impromptu get-togethers with new people. Join curated activities or create your own, and other people have 30 minutes to join you. Just because we’re quarantined doesn’t mean we can’t do what inspires us, together.

  • - Be the first to hear about our monthly picks, straight from Reese - Bond with a community of book lovers - Share your book joy and opinions with lively events and discussions - Take action and make a difference to get more of us reading

  • Bookworm is a community-oriented, mobile-first alternative to Goodreads. Organize your books into shelves (finished, want to read, etc.), see what your friends are reading, recommend books to friends, and of course rate, review, and discuss books.

  • Changing the medical supply industry

  • Loss, grief, and fear can describe 2020. See why others are also describing it with hope, inspiration, and new beginnings. Then, share your own story.

  • Our mission is to bring together modern lifelong learners and inspire them to keep learning by offering content and conversations from life changing books that fits into people’s mobile lifestyles and daily routines.

  • Our free iOS app lets you collect points for the time you stay at home and the steps you take each day. These points can then be used to compete on our leaderboards and purchase rewards, like discounts and gift cards!

  • Every few months, we pick a book and read it in one day.

  • Lockdowns suck. And with no end in sight, we don't want to lose the spark that comes from interacting with like-minded people. So we've built an active community for those who want to improve.