The best alternatives to Power Nap App are Defonic, Shhh Noise, and 🌲. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Power Nap App
  • Background noise generator for relaxing and working.
  • A free sound generator designed to increase focus and relaxation. Mix and match soundscapes, and share your creation with others.
  • People around the world recorded the sounds of their forests, so you can escape into nature, while in lockdown or unable to travel. Use this site to chill, meditate or do some digital shinrin-yoku.
  • Ever wanted to take a nap on your commute to school, work or home, but you were afraid you would oversleep and miss your stop? With Transitnap you can safely take a nap and be woken up near your destination!
  • Drift is a free app that showcases the sights and sounds of beautiful locations around the world to help relax, inspire and relieve anxiety. Available on iOS and Android.
  • The fastest way to collaborate on designs and images
  • Key Features: • Variety of lossless high-definition ambient sounds (24 bit, 48 kHz). • AirPods, HomePod, AirPlay, regular and Bluetooth headphones support. • Sleep hygiene tips and reminders. • Furins Tunes integrates with Health App and provides illustrative charts which helps you to find sounds that suit best for your sleep.
  • Smart alarm for iOS that stops your nap at the right time
  • Mildd is an app made for you to connect with nature, providing the deepest relaxation, reducing the level of stress and anxiety and helping to combat insomnia. Increase your focus and productivity with beautiful natural sounds.
  • Looking to fall asleep faster? Need to focus and relax your mind? Welcome to Mello: Sleep sounds to soothe your soul, all in a beautifully designed app. Mello features a variety of calming sounds to mix & match to your current mood and mindset.