The best alternatives to Piano Trainer are JoyTunes, Touch Bar Piano, and Chroma. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Piano Trainer
  • JoyTunes makes it easy and fun for anyone to learn piano! Learn piano with our piano apps that automatically detect notes played on real instruments providing you with instant feedback. With thousands of songs to learn with, you'll be inspired to play
  • Play piano on the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar 🎹
  • Chroma helps you learn piano with AR! Browse over 100,000 pieces of sheet music from classical to rock and see them displayed on your own real-life piano.
  • Piano Academy is for anyone who's looking to learn the piano from scratch, or for those who have prior knowledge and want to continue learning by practice playing along to their favorite songs.
  • Raspberry Pi Piano Player is a code for providing an augmented piano playing experience. When run, this code will provide computer accompaniment that learns in real-time from the human host pianist. Then the host pianist stops playing for a given amount of time, the computer AI will then improvise in the space using the style learned from the host.
  • A one-pager that references major and natural minor scales. Play the pitches of the scales directly in the browser and see the layout on a piano keyboard.
  • Relax yourself with some calm piano music
  • CloudPiano is a web-based piano game that lets people from around the world share their playing in a real-time chatroom environment.
  • Piano Companion is a music theory app for songwriters, producers, teachers, and students. It’s a flexible piano chord and scale dictionary with user libraries, reverse mode, circle of fifths, and a chord progression builder with common patterns. If you can’t remember the name of a piano chord or scale, this app will help you to find it by key or using your external MIDI keyboard. For example, just press C and G, and you will get C Major as the first piano chord in the search result. If you don’t see a piano chord or a specific scale, you can create a custom piano chord or scale and use it for chord charts or your user library.
  • An online composition tool that let you record, transcribe, fine-tune, sequence and visualise your masterpieces without leaving the browser. Harness the cloud storage option to sync your compositions on any devices.
  • •Play piano songs on any real piano with augmented reality •Access famous piano songs available in the app •Import any piano midi file •Choose your tempo •No background in music theory needed
  • A fast and fun way to learn piano - works with any piano or keyboard. Let's learn how to play the song you love on the piano.
  • Lemus HOME Piano is the all-in-one sound furniture that will give you an outstanding sound experience. With the built-in complete High-end sound system, with Google Cast, Apple Airplay 2, Multiroom, HDMI, Bluetooth and advanced Room-Correction technology.
  • Tap the tiles to keep the music playing
  • Pigaino is the ultimate destination for music producers. we offer live and on-demand courses from top industry experts, designed to help aspiring music producers improve their skills and achieve their goals. Here’s what you can expect from our platform