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Vasily Malyshev
AI & Data for high-performance teams
5 reviews
Oh man, we've spent so much time building our permission system! If only I saw you guys earlier! Good luck with your launch and your product. Definitely market exists and you can help a lot of developers!
Chetan Nagaraja

Indie maker at Sorted Nomad

2 reviews
I use to work for a company, who had a similar Saas service. I use to deal with RBP permissions (Role Based Permissions). You have no idea how much demand this has. Especially big companies. You are in the right track. Way to go. Congrats on the launch. This looks great!!!!
Jonathan Harel

Founder & Leadership at Fine

6 reviews
Congrats on the launch guys! On a side note - I really liked the video haha. It's super cool that you put a techy twist on a mainstream blockbuster movie! 😃 Kudos to the marketing team
Yaron Kassner
1 review
Amazing product and great team. Gets you to a level of control that's very hard to reach without.
Filip Grebowski

Developer Advocate & Tech YouTuber at

2 reviews
I am so proud of my team for our journey up to today. We've built something truly special together - a simple solution to a big, complex problem. It's clear to see just how dedicated we all are to helping the developer community. Team - kudos to every single one of you!
Ferdinan Akbar
1 review
Yes i like you project sukses for you
Denis Nadarevic
Software Developer & UX/UI Designer
10 reviews
Scalability of permissions management and building poses many problems that I have had to deal with unfortunately! I worked on Logistics TMS Boards with secure, but complex permission management and the amount of spaghetti code related to permissions got way too out-of-hand! This is a great time and even money-saver! Congratulations on the launch and I wish the team all the best!
Fs dev
1 review
ABAC and REBAC support is really useful to have. not much solutions fot this on the market.
Daniel Liechtman
Figs are not made for people.
2 reviews
I started using and it was a really smooth adoption process. The combination of SDK and PDP microservice made it super easy to enforce and monitor access. Great stuff!
Abhishek Bhardwaj
SEO Executive
8 reviews
Congratulations to the entire team for the successful launch of This will really save developers from the hassle of building permissions from scratch. Amazing work guys..