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The community submitted 2 reviews to tell us what they like about Pano, what Pano can do better, and more.
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Anna Kasumova
Co-founder & marketer at
103 reviews
Hi Friends. Congratulations with the launch! I am reading your website and thinkin' "Hm, it's an interesting tool for our CRM" (I am a marketer in a CRM system) And then I see the phrase" Don't think we are CRM" :) Yes, I don't think. But I think you suit to us good. My upvote + comment + putting in collection. I will try to use it like a tool for my CRM
Helen Uvarenko

Founder & Leadership

14 reviews
This is. just. good! I hope to see your product grow into something huge. Because right now you really know the pain you're solving for your customer.