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What is OpenAI?
OpenAI is the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP, whose parent organization is the non-profit organization OpenAI Inc, which conducts research in the field of artificial intelligence with the stated aim to promote and develop friendly AI in such a way as...
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Shoutouts from recent launches
We used ChatGPT in multiple steps in our model such as scripting logic
Velt: Make Your Product Collaborative!
Velt: Make Your Product Collaborative!
We use OpenAI to add more smarts into the comments feature such as auto categorization, audio notes transcription and summarization!
We use OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 models for... well... you know.

Recent launches

GPT Store
Focused on providing information about the latest 10 GPT tools, while also offering personalized recommendations based on user needs.
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OpenAI Assistants API
The Assistants API is designed to help developers build powerful AI assistants capable of performing a variety of tasks.
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Tips help users get up to speed using a product or feature
Unlocking the Power of AI for Content Marketing on Product Hunt
Launching #Artizyou and #bIPQuantum? Struggling with content on a budget? Check out this game-changer! 🔗 ✔️ 📱 Social media presence ✔️ 🧠 GPT-generated strategies ✔️ 🎥 AI-powered tutorial: ✔️ 🚀 700 YouTube Shorts in 18 mins! 💥 Now, I'm sharing with you, tooks me 2h35min Prompt: 1- Hi, I have a task for you but I highly appreciate your help and want to say, Thank you! 2- Provide 5 riddles on Intellectual Property education. 3- Create five engaging riddles. Format: Title, Hook, Body, Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Answer. Give an Example. Here is my test 🤔 Thoughts on AI for content marketing? Tips for building a community on a budget? Let's chat! #ContentMarketing #ProductHuntCommunity
Ghulam Abbas
Understand Model Limitations
Recognize that AI models may not always provide perfect answers. Be aware of their limitations and use them as tools to assist your work.
Ghulam Abbas
Data Privacy and Security
Remember that the information you provide in prompts is processed by the model. Avoid sharing sensitive or private data.