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What do people think of Obsidian?

The community submitted 513 reviews to tell us what they like about Obsidian, what Obsidian can do better, and more.
What do you think about Obsidian?
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Francisco Ceruti
Building TimeTask.me
1 review
Definitely feels like there are layers to this product I'm not using, but as a n00b I still get tons of value.
3 reviews
Review of Obsidian
Really excellent tool, especially for long-form note-taking. The user interface has an overall elegance that makes this tool stand-out. It would be five stars if the developers truly respected user freedom by making Obsidian open source software.


4 reviews
Personal knowledge management tool.
Joshua Hustler
DevOps for VFX
2 reviews
Very steep learning curve. Adding Nick Milo's LYT framework on top really helped me focus on what was required to make this a useful PKM for me!
20 reviews
Great note taking app and also good for creating a knowledge database. It can be synced using a paid plan, but it is also easy to sync via OneDrive or Google Drive. I really like it to work on complex projects for university.
Muhammad Iqbal Dar
4 reviews
Susan Pearson


16 reviews
I love Obsidian, I love that it can be anything you want it to be. For a while I tried to make it everything but recently I realised that 60+ plugins to do everything possible was basically Obsidian abuse. I have now realised that Obsidian does one thing brilliantly. It handles knowledge. So now I am using it as my complete second brain. I am using plugins like banners and call out manager to make it look pretty, I need that. I am using Templater and Dataview because hello, why wouldn't you and I am using the Tasks plugin with all the optional statuses so they show things like bookmarks and alerts. Also for knowledge based tasks, it I need to research this subject etc. I am moving the rest of my standard tasks back out into a tool that was designed for that very purpose, because it makes sense to do so.
David Ogundeko

Founder & Leadership at Funema

5 reviews
My second brain. The back-linking of notes and the graph view of how all your notes are connected are akin to science fiction but life has been known to be stranger than fiction anyway. Obsidian, killed my 10 year+ relationship with Evernote in 30 minutes.
Were Samson Bruno
A software engineer and innovator
9 reviews
One of the best thought organisation and note-taking tools(if not the best) that also maintains 100% privacy for your data because it is fully localised. There's a lot I haven't discovered yet but I am digging it out.
Jarod Stewart
Serverless Engineer
11 reviews
Easy to use and sync between devices and quick and snappy UX.