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What is Mubert?
Mubert is the world's first AI-operated technology that generates music in real-time and helps client-oriented businesses grow. Mubert's infinitely diverse music streams of any genre can serve as a customized feature for your business targets and aim to boost user LTV via UX personalization & building a stronger lifestyle brand.
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Recent launches

Mubert Render 2.0
Mubert Render 2.0 introduces a range of new features aimed at simplifying the creation of royalty-free music. Content creators now can effortlessly upload an image, allowing Mubert to analyze it and generate a customized soundtrack.
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Mubert Render
Royalty-free music from audio stocks never fit the content you're making, and often require additional editing.
Mubert Render makes royalty-free music tracks of exact length, mood and genre with the help of AI. Fits your content like a glove!
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