The best alternatives to Mindist are Bliss Brain, Balance - Meditation & Sleep, and Serenica. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Mindist
  • Bliss Brain creates guided meditations personalized for your needs in real-time. Describe the topic you'd like to meditate on, select a voice, length, and background music to receive a unique session. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all meditations!
  • Improve your stress, sleep, and more with the world’s first personalized meditation program. -- Balance is your personal meditation coach. Each day, you’ll answer questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences.
  • Serenica is an iOS app that offers an immersive and personalized meditation experience. Create your own short meditations from text, image or voice input.
  • Sanctuary is your personalized meditation guide powered by cutting-edge AI. Don't listen the same guided meditations over and over again. App targets to: - improve focus; - reduce stress; - have a better sleep;
  • Meditating with Bamboo is very easy. Find the best content to meditate, relax and help you sleep. With a large catalog of guided meditations and relaxing sounds you will be able to rest, fall asleep and sleep soundly and manage situations in your day to day.
  • A new and effective technique of mediation and mindfulness with vibration-guided breathing. Our customized vibration patterns will take you back to the core of mediation that has been used for centuries: no talking, no background noise, just you.
  • Guided meditation, multi-day immersions, and personal practice timer. Made by meditators, for meditators. Download the Timeless app for free and explore your practice. One of the top health and fitness apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
  • Find high-quality curated content about Indian Yoga practices in one place. We have illustrative videos showcasing each technique involved in Indian 'Asana' (Poses) and 'Pranayama' (Breath Regulation). We keep adding more curated content from time to time.
  • Whole life Meditation is a simple concept that unlocks profound results. This is a guided audio meditation that prompts you to recreate your life experiences. By doing it in one sitting you will see themes, which are valuable for future decision making.
  • Mindfuly is an mindfulness meditation app that records a morning meditation everyday just for you with your name in it. We design your meditation to empower you and boost your confidence for the day ahead. Available in 6 different languages and 6 narrators.
  • Can Meditation is a meditation, breathing and mindfulness app for mind, body and soul. We take inspiration and rhythm from everyday life and give life to our characters Can Friends who understand the peace and beauty of life and will lead you to indulge in visualized meditation, mindfulness breathing.
  • Mindspace is an app aiming at physical and mental care. We have been providing massive audios including natural soundscapes and mindfulness practices. To help you relieve stress, stay focused, relax with mindfulness, and better sleep at night.
  • Meditation Studio is a powerful, mobile-first meditation app. Enjoy. :)
  • Timeless exists to help people deepen and discover their meditation practice. + Multi-day immersions + Guided instruction emphasizing real techniques + Personal practice toolkit + In-depth progress tracking and goals
  • Chorus makes it fun to de-stress with our unique blend of meditation and breathing to the beat of popular music. Start your day with a positive mindset or unwind before bed. Taught (online) by expert instructors. This is NOT your traditional meditation
  • Bitly for iOS is fully integrated with Bitly’s desktop experience. Copy, customize, and share your links straight from your phone and view top performing links on-the-go!
  • Apps that will improve your focus, mindfulness, sleep & more
  • A simple text editor PWA (web app) to organize all your important information and ideas. Supports tags, markdown, code highlighting. The data is synced and the app can be accessed from any device, any platform. It works offline too!
  • Happy New Year everyone. Now, please share with a friend who needs to sit the fuck down or enjoy the experience yourself. We spend so much time building things that steal attention & extract value from users. Sit. does the opposite: it gives you back your time. #indiedev #mentalhealth
  • Build a streak by meditating consecutively, earn gems to purchase streak freezes in case you miss a day, and coolest of all, collect and raise turtles from their eggs. The longer you meditate, the rarer the turtles you can find. It's turtle-y awesome.