LegalNow - AI lawyer for small business

LegalNow - AI lawyer for small business

Draft, review, explain & manage all your contracts with AI
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What do people think of LegalNow - AI lawyer for small business?

The community submitted 27 reviews to tell us what they like about LegalNow - AI lawyer for small business, what LegalNow - AI lawyer for small business can do better, and more.
What do you think about LegalNow - AI lawyer for small business?
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27 Reviews
Daniel Zaitzow
Spearheading Ops at ContentBlocks 🚀
176 reviews
@masterlhz congrats on the launch - I think this is a really great product for an industry that has such a high barrier to entry/ cost threshold! I am curious what legal region/location the data is coming from and how the system deals with conflicting regional legal parameters?

B2B SaaS Growth Marketing Consultant
11 reviews
LegalNow offers a streamlined, AI-assisted approach to contract drafting and management for small businesses, blending ease of use with affordability. While it could use more specialized legal advice, it’s a secure and practical tool for legal document handling.
Susan Deng
Hi Hamza. I'm Susan, a co-founder of LegalNow. I came across your wonderful review on ProductHunt and was truly inspired by your words. We would love to feature your review on our official website to share your insights with our community. Thank you for your support and for believing in LegalNow. Should you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at

Shawn Pang


5 reviews
Very intuitive dashboard + amazing AI accuracy!

We've gone through the process of setting up and registering our startup the traditional way and it was an annoying and lengthy process. After looking at LegalNow, if I had to go through the entire process again, I would use this product. Great for making complex much simpler to understand, so bye bye paperwork and being able to get straight to business.

Prem Saini
Founder Zixflow
17 reviews
The ease and low cost of contract management are wonderful. It's similar to having a legal assistant at your disposal. highly advisable

Darya Skorokhod


2 reviews
This tool seems extremely useful for first-time founders, it can save your time and nerves!

Zsofia Komaromi
Product management & design systems
1 review
Just starting to use LegalNow, and it has seriously cut down the time I spend on contracts. The generated contracts have are reliable, they have a high accuracy.

Kate Ramakaieva
Marketing Specialist
5 reviews
What I like about LegalNow is its contract creation tool especially how the AI-powered system guides you through the process step by step, ensuring that all the necessary clauses and details are included. Noticed that it adapts to various business needs, from simple agreements to more complex contracts. This flexibility is super helpful for small businesses, as it provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your contracts are comprehensive and legally sound 🙏👏
Li Huanzhi
Hi, thanks Kate!
Richard Yang
Wow, thanks for these beautiful words! 🤩

Delowar Hossen
Co-Founder at
9 reviews
First-time entrepreneurs will find this tool extremely useful, it will save them time and effort!

Nitheesh Seshadri
Community Manager at Narrato
3 reviews
This product is so handy! Super helpful for handling my contract affairs. Much better experience than Rocketlawyer.