The best alternatives to Langame card game are Date Night Questions, Cards Against Work, and Co-founder Question Cards. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Langame card game
  • Open up your phone on your next date night and select a deck depending on who you’re with (either friends or lovers). Take turns flipping through cards and answering questions to deepen your relationship and learn more about one another.
  • Cards Against Humanity, but about work. From benevolent micromanagement to petty parking disputes, this game contains everything you experience in the workplace. Perfect for your company offsite, dropping hints to your manager, and building card castles.
  • The next time you are with your co-founder or potential partner, get to know them better by taking turns answering questions from this deck of co-founder cards... Learn more about each other so you can work better both together and individually.
  • Dating app? Nope. Couples therapy? Nuh-uh. Lovewick is a couples app with exploratory questions, date ideas, and research-based relationship goals to help you and your partner grow and stay in love, without it feeling like “work”.
  • Lizard is an online guessing and trick-winning card game for up to 6 players. Your goal is to pick a number and win exactly as many times as you said you would. Not more, not less. Use special cards and rules to ruin your opponents.
  • Minimalistic and straightforward, this app is designed to mimic how a physical deck of cards would be used. With both single player and multiplayer mode, you can play any card games you can think of straight from your phone!